And just like that… Piktina has officially launched.

Saigon, 10/10/2022. It was a raining morning and all over the city, we saw people queuing in front of gas stations to get fuel for their vehicles. We are much more connected to the rest of the World than we thought. We couldn’t help wonder if we are moving fast enough to fight global warming and environmental disaster?

Inside here, in this beautiful art space of SunLife flagship, 200 people have gathered together to tell one story – the story of how Vietnamese communities/businesses/educators/publishers/brands/talents…can work together to be part of the solution.

Vietnam is a developing country with 95% of businesses being SMEs. We know that it’s not an easy journey. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. As our investor, Ms. Tu Ngo from Touchstone Partners said: “thriving innovation from a small enterprise is easier than from a big corporation. Doing business in an emerging market is an opportunity, not a weakness. Dream bigger, if you can create a product that is good enough, the sky is the limit”.

So, to the Vietnamese entrepreneurs: just do it, what’s the fun in doing something easy anyway?

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